In this post we want to discuss the importance of setting up a good relationship with your kitchen designer, and how this could affect 3 months worth of your mood following your order confirmation (and many years after).

It is no great secret that we should always seek to build strong relationships with those around us – this makes our lives a lot easier, and establishing such a relationship with your kitchen designer should not be an exception.

Your kitchen designer will be your main point of contact during the kitchen sale process, this person would have invested their time, skill, and expertise in order to make your dream kitchen a reality.  Your kitchen designer would have visited your property (at least 2 times), created numerous revisions of your design, shown you around the showroom, and battled with suppliers to get you the best deal.  If you are reading this post then you are looking around for a kitchen connoisseur – you know your worth, you know the value of your property, and the importance of receiving a top quality product with service levels that match.  Businesses like us sleep, dream, and breath kitchens, we are not in it for commission, nor to hit boardroom targets like the big sheds.  We do what we do because we love it, and there is nothing better than making a positive impact on someone’s life (and receiving a positive review at the end).

It definitely pays off to treat your designer as your friend, because we are all humans at the end of the day and designers will always go that extra mile for someone that has treated them with respect and consideration throughout the whole process.  It is never recommended to play showrooms against each other if your only interest is price, most companies see through this and will stop the game as anyone who knows their self value and the worth of their product will not be willing to underrate themselves.  Whilst price is undeniably an important aspect in any key-decision making process, your relationship with the business should also be on positive terms, a kitchen is not a product which you pick up off the shelf, pay the price and walk out.  Kitchens are a lot more complicated, and require a lot of communication for many months prior to the order and post order to ensure a pleasant process.

The designer will be liaising with your builders, fitters, suppliers, and you – this communication flow needs to be as smooth as possible, there is a lot of team work involved, your designer is a major link in this chain.  Please remember the endless hours that you will spend working together on your dream design, therefore always choose the kitchen designer with which you feel a special vibe, believe me – this will make your life a lot easier in the long term – you will get better pricing, easier communication, and maybe even a free goodie such as an appliance or even an upgrade to a kitchen cabinet.

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