Bora hob, what is it?  Let’s start by going into the history of the company.  Started in 2006 when Willi Bruckbauer patented his first cooktop extractor system the company has grown into a massive success.  With the goal of making the kitchen area more attractive and useful, his resolution was “we can, must, and should rethink the status quo”.  The Bora hob is an induction cooktop with a built in extractor, coming in 3 different models, also available with a Tepan grill it will make your kitchen a more pleasant space to be in.

Having the extractor built into the hob means that you do not need to have one above, which is especially useful when the hob is in the island, meaning you can have a clear eye field without anything obstruction your vision.  The other very useful feature of the Bora is that the cooking smells are eliminated directly from the source without rising and dissipating in the room first.  Steam and odours rise at a maximum speed for 1 metre per second, but each and every Bora is designed to extract at least 4 metres per second leaving your kitchen odourless and clean.  The Bora hobs are also quieter than conventional extractors.  As mentioned before, there are Bora Basic, Classic, and Professional hobs, all available in different varieties, and also with a Tepan grill there’s certainly something which will suit every kitchen, regardless of your family size and cooking abilities/habits.

Why not visit our showroom and let one of our designers demonstrate this wonderful piece of award winning technology to you?  We’re sure you will be impressed and will wonder how you managed without one before.