You are on our website, therefore I assume you are looking for a German kitchen – or perhaps you’re not, but would like to know why German kitchens are so great.

German Quality

Let’s begin by focusing on the quality. Germans are well renowned for the quality of their products right? German kitchens are no exception to this. When you are purchasing a bespoke kitchen, you are investing quite a large amount of money, therefore you need to make sure that your kitchen will not fall apart in 3 years time. Here is a snippet of quality information taken from our Quality Control Page.

  • All the materials we use are tested to a minimum operating life of 15 years.
  • The wall units are designed to withstand over 75 kg.
  • Handles are subject to long term wear simulation to ensure they finish lasts.
  • Our self imposed standards far exceed the normal industry standards.
  • Surfaces are subject to chemical testing to replicate effects of citric acid etc.

Aesthetics and Lifestyle

German kitchens are “Lifestyle Kitchens” – intelligence and style being the 2 main components. Our manufacturers – Nobilia, Hacker and others aim to cater to a wide range of customers considering style, and taste. We offer kitchens which can be large or small, ‘show off’ stylish or simply practical, modern or classic, colorful or plain. German designers have a number of different kitchen collections which should suit every customer. Your kitchen is the beating heart of your home and German kitchens can account for the best usage of this space. We ensure that not an inch of storage space is wasted, functionality will blend with aesthetics and everyday use is pleasant. We have over 125 kitchen ranges to choose from and highly trained designers who will bring your German kitchen to life using state of the art CAD technology and decades of industry knowledge. Every German kitchen is particular to the customer, no 2 kitchens are the same just as no 2 people are the same. Our kitchens are not flat packed or picked off the shelves at the warehouse in Germany. Every single kitchen gets manufactured from scratch for every customer!

A few interesting facts about one of our suppliers in Germany:

Founded in 1945 and became the largest kitchen manufacturer in Europe…

  • Over 500,000 kitchens sold every year.
  • 2 factories in Verl, Germany.
  • 39% exported outside of Germany.

We are passionate about German Kitchens – if you have any other questions or comments, simply in touch with us and we will be happy to help! Contact Us Today.