Here at Illya Kitchens we believe that each Client deserves to be fully armed with knowledge on the subject of kitchens while they are in the market for one.

For this reason we have decided to create the Ultimate Dictionary of Kitchen Terms which you might come across during your endless adventures through showrooms and countless hours of online browsing.

This list is constantly being updated, if there are any words which are not on this list, but you think should be, please leave a comment.


AGA Cooker

AGA is a ranger cooker, and as described by the official AGA website ( Beneath the classic looks of every AGA is a heart of cast iron: the entire cooker is an outstandingly efficient energy store, steadily transferring the heat from its core into its ovens and hotplates. An AGA is always ready to cook instantly and there are no switches and dials because the AGA looks after itself.  These cookers are best suited for country style and cottage kitchens.

American Style Fridge Freezer

These are fridge freezers of impressive dimensions, offering greater storage solutions for all your groceries than conventional fridge freezers, they look great and have many compartments to separate different types of products.  Usually they are packed with many useful features, including defrost, ice makers, and filtered water.  Do consider that they take up a lot of space, not very energy efficient, and will have to be plumbed to a water supply.


Appliances are the electrical items which make your everyday kitchen tasks a lot easier.  These can vary from essential appliances such as hob and oven without which a kitchen would not be functional, to optional appliances such as coffee machine or wine cooler which are always nice to have, but will depend on your space, budget, and lifestyle.  Appliances can be built in (imagine a microwave housed neatly in a tall cabinet above the oven), and freestanding – imagine the same microwave resting on top of the worktop.  Before planning your kitchen you should sit down and have a good think about which appliances you would like to see in your kitchen, research the brands and models that are most suitable for you, and based on this information draw up a budget for your appliances.


Base Cabinets

Also known as base units, these are the cupboards which will line the bottom part of the walls in your kitchen, these come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and colours.  These can have simple doors, or draws, simple shelves inside or carousel mechanisms, your kitchen designer should find out as much as possible about your lifestyle to ensure that he or she incorporates the right mix of base cabinets into your kitchen.


The Bora hob is an induction cooktop with a built in extractor, coming in 3 different models, also available with a Tepan grill it will make your kitchen a more pleasant space to be in.Having the extractor built into the hob means that you do not need to have one above, which is especially useful when the hob is in the island, meaning you can have a clear eye field without anything obstruction your vision.  The other very useful feature of the Bora is that the cooking smells are eliminated directly from the source without rising and dissipating in the room first.  Steam and odours rise at a maximum speed for 1 metre per second, but each and every Bora is designed to extract at least 4 metres per second leaving your kitchen odourless and clean.

Broom Cupboard

A broom cupboard is a tall cabinet, usually 300-400mm wide which is built especially to keep your brooms, hoover, ironing board, and has baskets on the doors to keep cleaning products.  This is especially useful if you do not have a utility room.

Built In Appliances

These are electrical appliances which are housed inside either base, tall, or wall cabinets, in plain view or hidden behind a door.  For example you can have a microwave which is housed in a tall cabinet, or in a wall cabinet, or you can have a microwave which sits on top of the worktop.  The latter is the freestanding appliances, the former is built in.  Another example would be, you can have a fridge freezer which stands by itself in the kitchen (particularly popular with American style fridge freezers) or a fridge freezer which is built into a tall cabinet and hidden behind a door like the rest of the kitchen.  Another example would be a dishwasher which can stand alone underneath the counter, or can be hidden behind a door, making it look like an inconspicuous kitchen cabinet.  The appliances which are hidden behind doors are called integrated appliances.

Blum Hinges

An international business, founded in 1952 by Julius Blum which are market leaders in production of hinges, lift, and runner systems for kitchen cabinets.  These hinges are used by most of the German Kitchen Manufacturers.


Corian Worktop

Corian is a brand of solid surface material created by DuPont. Its primary use is as a worktop/benchtop surface, though it has many other applications. It is composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate (ATH), a material derived from bauxite ore. Corian is the original material of this type, created by DuPont scientists in 1967.  A number of direct solid surface competitors to Corian have emerged since the expiration of DuPont’s patent on solid surfaces.  Corian worktops are seamless, stain, and heat resistant, and is non porous.  Corian worktops come with a decade long warranty.

Corner Cabinet

A corner cabinet is the cupboard which goes in the corner of your kitchen.  These can be wall or base, and come in a variety of sizes and options, this is especially true for base corner cabinets. You can have carousel base cabinets which spins 360 degrees and offers easy access to all of the storage, another option is a Le Mans corner cabinet with pull out shelves.  Talk to your kitchen designer about the most suitable option for you.  We do not recommend opting for a simple corner cabinet with plain shelves as this creates what we call a dead corner.  In the furthest corner of your cabinet the items will be very tricky to reach, creating inconvenience  for you.

Cut Out

Usually this refers to worktops, a cut out is the hole which is made in your worktop for the hob, sink, and tap, but can also refer to cut out to socket cut outs in your glass splash-back.


Drainage Grooves

These are the small indents cut into your worktop next to your sink, this is most popular with quartz and granite worktops, and is used mostly for aesthetic reasons because unless the drainage grooves are at an angle the water will still remain on the worktop and will have to be wiped off.  Drainage grooves can be cut on the right, left, or on both sides of the sink, alternatively you can opt out of having them altogether.


Electric Hob

Compared to gas – these are more efficient in conducting energy to your food.  They lose around 30% of energy as compared to a gas hob’s over 60% figure.  They look pretty sleek to, and you can have them with nobs or touch screen sensors to control the temperature.  They are fairly easy to clean which is also a big bonus.  What can I say against electrical hobs?  They take a while to heat up to the necessary temperature, and a while to cool down which is not ideal from a safety aspect, especially if you have kids.




Granite is a natural stone which is a popular choice for kitchen worktops.  It’s natural beauty has captured the hearts of many homeowners.  Granite is very hardwearing material which is scratch and heat resistant.  It does require to be sealed once every year or so, but this stone can definitely compliment many kitchens.

Glass Splash-back

An increasingly popular option for splash backs in kitchens.  These are made from special toughened glass, and painted from the back in ANY colour of your imagination.  These are very easy to clean, seamless, and will bring character to your kitchen.


Handless Kitchen

A handless kitchen is the pinnacle of modern German kitchen design, handless kitchens have been popular for many years now due to the clean lines, aesthetics, and practicality which they bring into the most important room in the house.  The door of a handless kitchen does not sit flush with the cabinet, but sticks further out.  This place is filled with a channel handle recess which goes across the whole run of the cabinets.


Integrated Appliances

These are the electrical appliances which are hidden behind a door in your kitchen and look like inconspicuous cabinets.  An example of this would be a dishwasher which is next to the sink, but is hidden behind a door making it look like a normal base cabinet, another example would be a fridge freezer, hidden inside a tall cabinet, with a matching cabinet door.