Nobilia is one of the most well known and well established German kitchen manufacturers – going back to 1945.  It is no wonder then that these guys know a thing or two about the latest kitchen trends, styles, and innovational technologies.

Let us walk you around some of the latest Nobilia kitchen trends:

Grey Country Kitchens

As we have discussed in our previous blog post – not to be overlooked is the trend towards gray shades in different looks and materials. Concrete decors characterise the picture, broken up by elements made of wood, copper or steel. Also there is a new “Scratched Steel ” look, which gives every kitchen a touch of industrial chic. This decor is primarily recommended for wall fronts, niche cladding or panels, and can be combined with all unit colours as well as with stone, concrete and wood decors. It becomes luxurious in combination with soft matt and black surfaces or if you add elements of bronze or copper.

Even in the modern country kitchen, which still plays a major role at Nobilia, elements from industrial design are taking up more and more space and creating a delightful contrast. Fronts in different shades of grey  some in real wood finish, all these give the kitchen a timeless, modern touch.

Grey Kitchen Grey Country Kitchen

Best Worktops On The Market

A particular highlight of Nobilia are worktops with a special 3D surface structure that creates an authentic natural stone look. The special construction of the worktop with an extra thick laminate surface plates (Xtra) increases the overall robustness of the surface, and prevents water from penetrating from above. Another advantage of the Xtra plates in the worktop: they allow the flush-mounted installation of sinks or hobs. This gives the kitchen an elegant modern look and also makes cleaning easier.

Nobilia Kitchen Worktop Nobilia Worktop

Open Sesame!

Nobilia has also come up with some ideas for the “inside” of the cabinets. The electromechanical opening support system EASYS provides more convenience when opening refrigerators and freezers. This pays off especially in the handle-less kitchen. By applying light pressure on the front opens the door for a few seconds only so far that it can be opened by hand. Wall cabinets with hinged flap or folding lift door are equipped with the electromotive drive Servo-Drive . Just lightly tap the front, and the doors will open. By tapping on a wireless switch integrated in the carcase sides, the door automatically closes again.

Nobilia Wall Cabinet Nobilia Wall Cabinet

Open Drawers and Shelves

Is there anything more annoying than looking in the depths of kitchen cabinets for a specific ingredient or a rarely used kitchen appliance? To stand on a wobbly stepladder or to lie on all fours in front of the lower cabinets? When it comes to storage space, Nobilia wants to bring more comfort to the kitchen and therefore relies on open tray drawers, bar flaps and the Smartcube shelving system . They all guarantee the best overview and easy access to your ingredients/appliances, and all other items which you store in the kitchen. The shelf is made of aluminium and available in black or stainless steel. Its versatility allows it to be used both in the kitchen and in the living room or dining room, helping to further fuse these living areas.

Nobilia Shelves Nobilia Shelves

New Size for Storage Space and Ergonomics

Another bonus in storage space is promised by the new available cabinet heights.  Nobilia now offers three different heights: standard height, maxi height and XL cabinet height. In addition, there is a mini-height, which allows the unique lowering of individual areas. XL high cabinets and XL side panels are also available.

With the new generation of the XL height, ten percent more storage space in the lower cabinets is achieved compared to the standard height. From an ergonomic point of view , the new heights make sense – after all, people are getting bigger and bigger on average. Of course, the combination of maxi-, XL- and standard height is possible and leaves further room for planning special features.

Nobilia makes cooking even more comfortable. With four different base cabinet heights and two worktop thicknesses, the working height can be optimally adapted to the ergonomic requirements of every kitchen user.

Nobilia Ergonomics Nobilia Ergonomics

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