Systemat collection

Our Systemat kitchens offer you high-quality, luxury designer kitchen designs that are functional and appeal to the unique style of every homeowner.

Exquisite kitchens beautifully designed for you to match your lifestyle

Systemat German kitchens amaze and inspire every day that you walk into your kitchen. Offering unparalleled luxury, our German kitchen designs provide the perfect balance between elegance, style, and functionality.

You can be confident that every component of your kitchen has passed our rigorous quality tests that eliminate defects and ensure excellence in each kitchen.

AV 7030 – noble and sleek

Breathtaking is an understatement. The AV 7030 kitchen is noble and sleek thanks to its stone veneer and industrial steel fronts. Bold and tasteful, the AV 7030 provides a mood-setting design with a balanced colour scheme that is seen throughout Systemat kitchens in London.

Unapologetic modern luxury

Modern luxury needs to do more than look good. Every kitchen solution in our Systemat kitchens is designed with the modern family in mind. German quality oozes from each component with sophistication and stunning fronts. Each kitchen is designed to be unapologetically modern with quality, fine finishes and a level of detail only found in German kitchens.

AV 6084 - Open Space Living

Open space living is in. Expansive kitchens that fade into the living room are what the AV 6084 was designed to do. Stunning industrial steel and Volcano oak are used to offer sharp contrasts with dark shades to make your large, open kitchen plan the focal point of the room.

AV 2045 - Copper fronts, dare to try it?

Copper fronts are in style in 2021 and a trend that was quite popular in 2020. Marble grey and black are classy and timeless while impressing owners and guests each time they walk into the room. The AV 2045 features designer safety glass and filigree SLD pull-outs bring out the elegant titanium of the kitchen.

Ad in our special, PerfectSense® surface, and 2045 is daring, beautiful, and perfectly modern.

Why less is more?

Our Systemat kitchens offer handless options on most fronts to provide high-end function, ease of use, and a high-tech feel. Called “SystemART,” our kitchens have a variety of options to choose from:

  • Channel handles for discreet use
  • LED recess lighting to add to the room’s mood
  • Tipmatic soft-close pull-outs and drawers for a single push close

We complete the true, modern German kitchen design thanks to the simplicity of SystemART.

AV 6080 GL Walnut - warm and cosy

Classic wood veneers with a quartz worktop featuring a marble finish look allow for bright kitchens that work off the kitchen’s natural light. With over 190 colours of fronts, you can design a kitchen that matches your style and imagination.

AV 2130 GL - shine bright in white

Bright and white, the AV 2130 GL boasts out Tipmatic openings to offer the easy, single push closing homeowners want while the extended worktop reaches the far window for a stunning design.

A technical masterpiece, 2130 makes space feel more expansive while being modern, white and eye-catching.

Escape the city without leaving your home

Our Systemat kitchens offer you the “Modern Country” feel in the middle of the city. You can enjoy the beauty of contemporary cottage kitchens while still enjoying the latest innovations.

When our city kitchen needs a country feel, we have ranges that exceed expectations.

AV 6035 black - dark shades mixed with bright colours

Dark shades and bright colours mixed into a contemporary country-style kitchen is what our AV 6035 range offers. Add your personal touch with modern appliances and 190 RAL colours to create a radiant, charismatic kitchen that will make you want to spend more time in the kitchen.

Form Follows Emotion – Design, that inspires

Systemat kitchens are inspired by your lifestyle. Every kitchen we make is designed to be functional and look good. We blend aesthetics and usability to make your kitchen function as well as it looks.

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, where people laugh, eat and cook.

But your kitchen also needs to be functional so that you can chop, cut, bake, braise and cook the food you love while impressing your guests. Simple, neat, and functional.

Illya Kitchens - making your dream kitchen a reality with Systemat.


Kitchen designs that inspire

Our German manufacturer showed the world that, sometimes, you have to rethink kitchens to bring life to a home. With our Systemat kitchens range, we add this concept to every kitchen we design.

Uncompromising quality, individual designs, and technology are melded into our kitchens to provide our customers with solutions that make their homes more functional and lives easier.

If you need of a new kitchen, our Systemat collections offer something for everyone.