Systemat collection

Meet our luxury designer kitchen range.


Exquisite kitchens beautifully designed for your to match your lifestyle.

Rigorously tested for quality of every component, the Systemat range offers unparalleled luxury in German kitchen design.  Be amazed and inspired everyday when you step into your kitchen - knowing you have chosen the best in elegance, functionality, and style. 

AV 7030 – noble and sleek

Stone veneer and industrial steel fronts go hand in hand to create this super exclusive breath taking kitchen design. The superbly balanced colour scheme in the AV7030 range will awe you every time you see it.  A mood-setting kitchen for a bold taste.

Unapologetic modern luxury

Kitchen solutions tailored to meet the demands of a modern family.  Highest quality materials, German quality engineering and a passion for what we do.  Make a statement in your home using the fantastic fronts and sophisticated technology available in the Systemat range.

AV 6084 - Open Space Living

Volcano oak and industrial steel allow the kitchen area to smoothly fade into the living room furniture.  Bring a smart contrast to your home with dark shades, this is a great choice of front for a large open plan kitchen.

AV 2045 - Copper fronts, dare to try it?

2020 showed us copper to be a sought after element in the kitchen.  Add class with marble grey and black for an unusual combination which never fails to impress. Designer safety glass, filigree SLD pull-outs in elegant titanium and the special PerfectSense® surface whisper sophistication in the ear of anyone who sees it.

Why less is more?

Our Systemat range offers a handless option on majority of available fronts.  Subtly named SystemART, you can choose between discreet channel handles or smartly illuminated LED reccesses to add mood to your kitchen.

Tipmatic Softclose allows, that with a single slight push, pull-outs and drawers slide out without any effort.  For a truly modern German kitchen design - look no further than SystemART.

AV 6080 GL Walnut - warm and cosy

Authentic wood veneer, marble effect quartz worktop, and over 190 colours of fronts available to choose from.  You know there are no limits to your imagination, and your kitchen should be as unique as you are.

AV 2130 GL - Shine bright in white

oneLine pleases the eye and raises pulses.  Tipmatic opening mechanisms and other technical masterpieces, this kitchen is packing a punch.  The extended worktop running to the window adds flair to an already stunning design.

AV 6035 black - dark shades mixed with bright colours

Show off your dark side with these stunning framed doors in a contemporary country side style kitchen.  You can choose from over 190 RAL colours to break up the contrast and add a personal touch.  There will be no questions about the charisma this kitchen radiates, and most importantly - the way it will inspire you to prepare the most delicious dishes using built in modern appliances.

Escape the city without leaving your home

Our "Modern Country" range offers the latest innovations in a contemporary cottage style kitchen built for city dwellings.  You can experience the appeal of living in the countryside with the available ranges we have on offer.

Form follows emotion – Design, that inspires

Systemat is inspired by your lifestyle.  We do not create kitchens that look good but do not perform, nor are we interested in making good looking non functional kitchens.  The perfect blend of aesthetics and usability is our ultimate commitment.  The modern kitchen is truly the beating heart of the home.  A place where you cook, and bake, and braise, and cut, and chop.  You need the space to store, but also to eat, maybe even somewhere for your children to do the homework.  Enough charisma to impress the friends, and entertain family at parties. It is no simple feat, as every family is different, but we are confident in our ability to deliver first class living spaces in your home.

Illya Kitchens - making your dream kitchen a reality with Systemat.


Kitchen designs that inspire

Innovations from Häcker showed in the past that it is always worth to rethink kitchens as a whole. This especially applies to the system kitchen concept systemat. The perfect interplay between sophisticated technology, uncompromising quality and individual design convinces more people year after year.  We deliver solutions that make life easier.