Stone Worktops in London

Are you considering worktops in for your kitchen renovation? Natural stone, like marble, granite, and quartz, offers a beautiful, elegant look that will never go out of style.

These worktops offer many advantages for home kitchens. If you’re considering this material for your kitchen worktops, it’s important to understand the cost, durability, and potential drawbacks of stone.

The Benefits

The Benefits of Stone Worktops in the UK

There’s a reason why natural stone worktops are popular for kitchens: They have many advantages.
Highly Durable

Stone is incredibly durable. In fact, with the right care and maintenance, your worktops can last a lifetime – and beyond.

Stone has a high hardness value, so it isn’t easily damaged. In fact, quartz is virtually indestructible and non-porous.

Other worktop materials are susceptible to burns, staining, and knife marks. Not only are these repairs costly, but they also reduce the overall lifespan of the worktop.

Stone is naturally durable, so you don’t have to worry about it chipping or cracking if there’s an accident.

Resistant to Heat, Scratches, and Stains

A big part of the reason why stone is so durable is that it’s resistant to heat, stains, and scratches. With regular maintenance and care, stone worktops can look just as beautiful today as they did a decade ago.

In many cases, you can place a hot pan or pot directly onto a worktop without causing any damage. Stone has a high heat tolerance:

  • Granite: Up to 248 C
  • Engineered Stone (quartz): Up to 150 C

In addition to heat resistance, stone typically doesn’t stain easily and can withstand scratches from knives. As long as the stone is properly sealed, it should be resistant to damage and stains.

For families that spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, the stone is a practical option for a worktop.

Variety of Beautiful Natural Colours and Patterns

Natural stone comes in a variety of stunning colours and patterns that were created by nature. Grey, charcoal, beige, and red are some of the most common colours found in stone countertops, but you can find variations of blues and greens as well.

The beautiful thing about this worktop is that it’s far from ordinary. Every stone is special, with unique specks of colour and vein patterns. No two worktops are exactly the same.

The Disadvantages

The Disadvantages of Stone Worktops


The main disadvantage is the high cost. Granite, marble, engineered stone, and other types of stone are more expensive than other worktop materials.

Extra Care and Maintenance

Most worktops will require additional care and maintenance.

Such worktops may also require special cleaners and other maintenance that isn’t common with other countertop materials.


How Much Does a Stone Worktop Cost in the UK?

The cost of such worktop can vary greatly and will depend on several factors:
  • Stone type
  • The size of the countertops
  • Availability

How to Order Stone Countertops at Illya Kitchens

Illya Kitchens offers high-quality stone worktops for kitchens of all sizes. To view our selection of these worktops, feel free to order a brochure or visit our studio. You can also book a home visit or virtual consultation to learn more about our worktop options.

We are happy to assist with ordering, so you can install the worktop of your dreams.