One of the most common restrictions we face when planning a kitchen is space. Sometimes nothing can be done to change that, but here are some surefire solutions to work around this common issue and ensure that you still get your dream kitchen.

Consider a minimalist look. Visually, the more clutter in your vision, the more claustrophobic a space feels. A white, minimalist look is an easy way to make a small space look larger. White doesn’t have to be boring though, think Scandi-chic with stylish detailing.  Another alternative is to use a pale  palette for your kitchen cabinet colours, or go for pale wood if you are searching for a warm cottage style feel.

Smart storage. This is the secret to accommodating the limitations of a small kitchen. Invest in cabinets to hide away unsightly clutter and you’ll be well on your way to make your kitchen feel airier and more spacious.  A carousel corner cabinet can be very useful in hiding items which would usually clutter the worktop, a tambour shutter unit is a good solution for putting away the toaster and kettle when not in use. Don’t forget to look up, too! If you have wall space, consider creating storage space higher up to free up floor space, this includes using open wall shelving, or cabinets with glass doors.

Mirrors are your best friend when planning a small kitchen, consider a mirror effect glass splashback and mirror plinths – the reflections will definitely give your kitchen room a larger feel.

Don’t block your lighting! Another absolutely essential way to open up an area is to have enough light,  ensure that you have LED spotlights in the ceiling and slim LED under cabinet lights.  Change your dark blinds to light shutters or curtains. Adding mirrors to cabinets or splashbacks, as mentioned previously, also helps to reflect light in dark corners.

Flooring is important – the most popular choice for flooring in a kitchen is tiles.  It is important that you go for as big a tile as possible in a small kitchen.  Do not go for small tiles as it will create a chess board effect and will make your room look smaller, go for large gloss tiles which will make your floor look seamless and open.

Do away with unnecessary items such as free standing bins, Ask your designer to include a waste cabinet with an integrated bin system. With a small kitchen, every single space-saving measure you can take is worth taking advantage of.

To recap the key points when planning a small kitchen:

  • Use lighter colours for your cabinets, preferably gloss finish, as this will reflect the light.
  • Integrate smart storage solutions such as carousel corner cabinets, tambour worktop units, and open shelving.
  • Make the best use of lighting – LED spot lights, and under cabinet lights planned properly can help you in your quest when planning a small kitchen.
  • Use mirrors where possible – for example in the splash back area and for plinths – this will reflect the room and make it seem twice as big.
  • Remove clutter such as free standing bins, toasters, kettles, etc.
  • Use large gloss tiles to create a seamless floor effect.

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