Quartz Kitchen Splashbacks in the UK

A splashback is a highly functional part of a kitchen or bathroom and is designed to protect walls from splashes. Quartz splashbacks for kitchens are behind the hob and protect walls from:

  • Unwanted liquid splashes
  • Potential heat damage
  • Residues from cooking particles

The splashback also adds to the room’s aesthetics and functionality. It's the perfect opportunity to reduce potential wall stains while also adding to the value of your home.

While beautiful and elegant, quartz kitchen splashbacks do have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, which you should take into consideration when choosing between material types.

The Benefits

Benefits of Quartz Splashbacks

Quartz makes for a beautiful splashback material and offers many natural properties not offered by other stone materials. The main benefits of these splashbacks are:

  • Cleaning

    It’s easy to clean your splashback. All you need is a bit of soapy water and a soft cloth to clean the surface. You also don’t need to worry about using harsh chemicals near your cooking surface, which is a major bonus.

  • Nonporous

    The engineered stone is nonporous, so you don’t have to worry about bacteria or mould growth. You can place raw meats on the worktop, and all that’s needed is a sponge, some warm water, and mild soap to clean it off.

  • Long-lasting

    Quartz is highly durable and is comprised of natural stone (90% to 95%) and the remaining resin. The composition adds to the strength of the stone and ensures that it’s also long-lasting. And due to the hardness level, you shouldn’t have to worry about scratches ruining the look of the stone.

Since quartz is engineered, you also have the opportunity of creating a wraparound design that is uniform. This means you can use the same material for your splashback as is used for your kitchen worktop. You don’t need to be concerned about larger kitchen counters or islands not being able to achieve a uniform look because a stone’s vein isn’t large enough. Quartz also comes in a wide range of colours thanks to the pigment being added to the resin when it’s engineered.

The Disadvantages

Disadvantages of Quartz Splashbacks

Every material has its good and bad points. If you’re thinking of choosing quartz for your splashback, you’ll want to know some disadvantages of this stone:

  • Expensive

    Quartz is an expensive stone, but the cost of the splashback is on par, or even slightly less, than other high-end stones. If you’re on a very limited budget, it can be difficult to fit this material into your overall remodel cost.

Quartz splashbacks won’t have to worry about the potential risks that their worktop counterparts have to be concerned about. The material itself is not heat-resistant, but for a splashback, this isn’t much of a concern because splashes don’t cause the continued heat needed to damage the surface.


How to Order Quartz Splashbacks at Illya Kitchens

Illya Kitchens uses German certified suppliers to offer you the best quartz splashback kitchen at a cost that fits into your budget. Our custom kitchen solutions let you choose from a myriad of colours that go beyond simple white and black.

From thickness to colour and hue, we offer only the best quartz in the UK.

If you’re interested in learning more about our custom kitchen options, there are numerous ways to speak to one of our specialists:

We're here to help you in any way we can, from offering consulting services to choose your ideal splashback and installing the kitchen of your dreams.

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