quotes1 The quality is remembered long after the price is forgottenquotes1-end – Sir Henry Royce
At Illya Kitchens we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our services and are delighted to inherit the exceptional products and quality management that Nobilia provides. We ensure that the highest standards are consistently in place across the entire process chain and carry these standards of quality throughout all departments within the organization.
From the manufacturing facility to the final installation of the kitchen at the customer's home – quality management is continually in focus. Nobilia has maintained their position as quality leader in the industry over the years. The guidelines for quality and environmental management are deep-seated within Nobilia’s philosophy and its corporate culture. All quality assurance measures and tests at Nobilia apply to all departments within the company's supply chain.
Quality Control

Just a few facts about our quality:

  • All the materials we use are tested to a minimum operating life of 15 years.
  • Our self imposed standards far exceed the normal industry standards.
  • The wall units are designed to withstand a load of over 75 kg.
  • Surfaces are subject to chemical testing to replicate effects of citric acid etc.
  • Handles are subject to long term wear simulation to ensure the longevity of the finishing.
Quality Control

Daily kitchen routines undergo
endurance quality testing.

Our robot is an all-round talent. He can be programmed so that his functions and movements correspond to the real work actions in a kitchen. Such as, opening and shutting the swivel flap doors and folding doors, opening and shutting the full pull-out, opening and shutting the hinged doors. A total of 15 years of daily kitchen wear is simulated here in real terms. We test hinged doors, pull-outs and larder units – in short, all moving components, in continuous operation for a total life-span of more than 15 years and – for us indispensable - and always with full capacity. In the process, we put stress and strain on our furniture in the QC laboratory, at times, up to three times longer than required by the DIN standards.

Service life of at least 15 years.

Customer suggestions and requests, practical experience and the results of our own studies are an ongoing and essential part of the research & development process. All the materials are tested for a minimum operating life of 15 years. New developments are subjected to extensive laboratory testing prior to rollout. Only fully developed products that have successfully passed all the tests are integrated into the Nobilia collection.

5 Year Guarantee

5 Year Guarantee

The moment you purchase an Illya product, you are covered by a 5 year manufacturer guarantee. Proof of this will be a unique bar code at the bottom of your sink base unit. Once scanned, it will allow us to order any replacement / additional parts for your kitchen quickly and easily. This gives all our customers peace of mind and the assurance that all their kitchen components are stored on a database in Germany, ready for shipment whenever necessary.