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Miele's slogan in German is "immer besser" which translates as "always better".  This simple phrase perfectly outlines Miele's philosophy in their quest to be at the front of domestic appliance market's innovations.  Established over 119 years ago Miele has grown to become the leading brand on the kitchen appliances scene with global revenue topping 4.1 billion Euros.

Miele has come a long way from the production of butter churns in 1900, Miele now manufacturers the whole range of appliances including Miele hobs, Miele ovens, Miele microwaves, Miele dishwashers, Miele coffee machines, and Miele warming drawers just to name a few.  Illya Kitchens has teamed up with Miele as we feel it is the perfect brand to compliment our luxury bespoke German kitchens.  We want to ensure that our Clients receive the best quality in their kitchen area, and there is no-one that does it better than Miele.

Miele appliances will ensure that you are able to use your kitchen exactly for what it was intended - beautiful cooking.  Miele's ovens are the only on the market with a temperature discrepancy of 1 degree Celsius.  Miele coffee machines are programmable with different users so you can always ensure that each family member gets their favourite coffee at a touch of a button, and Miele dishwasher PowerDisk is the only system on the market that dispenses powder intelligently dependant on how heavy and soiled the dishwasher load is.  It is just a few of these features that make Miele the best appliance brand available to the general consumer, and we are very proud to say that we can supply the fully Miele catalogue to you at very competitive pricing.


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