If you have read my last blog post, then you should be pretty clued up now about worktops.

You might have guessed from the title, but yes, this post is about glass splashbacks!  Imagine the scenario:  you have planned your kitchen, chosen the colour of the cabinets, the worktop, know the tiles which you want for the flooring, have chosen the appliances makes and models, what have you forgotten?  I bet you have forgotten to think about what will be covering the space of the wall between your wall and your base cabinets.

There are plenty of options to decorate this space, the most traditional being tiles.  Nothing wrong with tiles you might think, but let me tell you this:  firstly, tiles are best suited to cottage style kitchens and secondly the grout between the tiles tends to get yellow with time.

Would you rather leave the splashback area bare and paint it?  Sounds reasonable, but be prepared to refresh that area once every 6 months as you will have grease and dirt all around your hob.

Ultimate solution?  Yes, I firmly do believe it is a glass splashback.  A very cost effective option, toughened glass painted in ANY colour, easy to clean, and makes your kitchen looks nice.  What’s not to love?  Watch the Illya Kitchens TV Episode 3 where I talk about the A-Z of glass splashbacks:

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