Laminate Kitchen Worktops in the UK

This versatile worktop material offers many advantages, from affordability to varied design options and easy maintenance.

If you’re considering laminate worktops for your kitchen, it’s important to know the advantages, drawbacks, costs, and how to order your countertops with Ilya Kitchens.

The Benefits

The Benefits of Laminate Worktops

A Budget Option

Although beautiful, stone worktops come with a high price tag that can be out of reach for some homeowners.

These worktops are an affordable option that offers a beautiful look and allows you to renovate your kitchen on a small budget.

Available in a Variety of Designs

Laminate comes in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and designs, so you have more freedom when designing your kitchen.

This versatile material can be made to look just like:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Natural wood
  • Other stone

We can also offer offer patterns that mimic other materials as well, such as wood or concrete.

In addition to these options, you can also choose from a wide range of solid colours, which are ideal for modern kitchens.


Although stone is a beautiful option for kitchens, it’s not necessarily a family-friendly material. In addition to a high hardness value (which can cause injury to younger children) when sharp corners on worktops are designed, some types of stone are porous, which can make maintenance costly and difficult.

Laminate is solid – not porous. It won’t absorb spills or bacteria. If you have budget constraints, laminate is a convenient option for your kitchen countertops.

Easy Maintenance

It don’t require special cleaners or sealers to keep them looking their best. Soap and water are all you need to keep your counters clean.

The Disadvantages

The Disadvantages of Laminate Worktops

There are some disadvantages that must be considered.

Repairs are Difficult

Because laminate is made with plastic resins, they’re stain-resistant and easy to clean. However, repairs can be challenging. If abrasive cleaners are used on laminate, it can damage the worktop.

Laminate is also vulnerable to delamination. Delamination can be especially problematic if moisture permeates the seams.

If there’s serious damage to the laminate, the entire countertop may need to be replaced.

They Don’t Last as Long as Stone

While such worktops still have an impressive lifespan (20-30 years), they don’t last quite as long as a stone and other solid surfaces. Granite counters, for example, can last up to 100 years.

They are Sensitive to Heat

Laminate is susceptible to burns, so it’s important to take care when placing hot items on the surface. Some types of laminate can withstand high heat for a short period of time, but a trivet or pot holder is recommended.

They are Not as Durable as Other Materials

Compared to other worktop materials, laminate is less durable. Susceptibility to heat can be problematic for some homeowners. Laminate is also vulnerable to chipping and knife cuts. Please note that if you plan to have an undermount sink, this is not possible with a laminate worktop.


How Much Does a Laminate Worktop Cost in the UK?

The average cost of laminate worktops in the UK is between £20/square metre and £50/square metre.

Of course, the cost of laminate worktops can be lower or higher, depending on, size of the worktops, and other factors.


How to Order Laminate Countertops at Illya Kitchens

Illya Kitchens offers quality laminate countertops in the UK. To view our selection, you can request a brochure, visit our studio, request a virtual consultation, or book a home visit. Our representatives will be happy to assist with the ordering process.