Stone kitchens in the UK

Compellingly charismatic and unquestionabily luxurious - stone have revolutionised industrial urban kitchen.  The picture perfect designs and latest innovational technologies are the key aspects in these kitchens. These kitchens were introduced by our manufacturer in 2016 and featured real volcanic rock.  Thin layers of slate were placed onto a flexible fibreglass support.  This front gained massive popularity from those who wanted a kitchen like no other.  Since then, we have introduced many different variations of real stone doors - ranging from black star to calacatta.  You can view the full range of real stone doors in our Systemt brochure.

Stone Effect Kitchens

While our real stone kitchens are available only through our Systemat brochure (starting at £25,000) we are pleased to say that we also offer laminate stone effect doors in our Classic brochure in the lowest price groups.  This means you can enjoy the look of urban industrial chic for a fraction of the cost.  We invite you to visit our Marble Arch or Reading showroom to view stone kitchen and a stone effect kitchen side by side - we are sure that you will be hard pressed to know which is which.  The only real way to tell is by touch - when you can feel the rough texture of real stone as opposed to the smoothness of the laminate.

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