Matt Kitchens

Matt finishes absorb light and add texture to a space. They work well in all kitchen layouts.  Bold colour choices allow you to make a statement, while subtle tones can add sophistication in the most important room in your home.

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Design Features​

Unlike their high gloss counterparts, matt kitchen cabinets absorb (not reflect) light. The non-reflective surface adds texture and allows for deep, bold colours to pop.


Matt finishes create a soft, muted look. They’re aesthetically pleasing, and they transform your kitchen into a work of art. If your goal is to design a contemporary kitchen, matt cabinets are an excellent choice.


Designing a kitchen with a matt finish can be challenging and requires the help of an experienced professional. There’s a fine line between classy and dull with this style, which is another important consideration.

Benefits of Matt Kitchen Cabinets at Illya Kitchens

There are many benefits to choosing matt cabinets from Illya Kitchens, including:
  • Adds Texture

    Matt cabinets add texture to a kitchen. They’re pleasing to the eye and create a muted look. They feel soft to the touch compared to high-gloss, hard-surface cabinets.

    Texture can make your space more interesting and visually pleasing.

    You can also have fun with adding texture while mixing and matching different styles together for the perfect level of contrast.

  • Versatility

    Illya Kitchens offers shaker style, traditional and modern kitchens with a matt finish. It’s an incredibly versatile style that works well with any kitchen design. Matt finish are timeless and modern, making them a great option now and in the future.

    You can find matt cabinets in a variety of colours, whether you prefer neutral or light tones, or something bolder and more colourful.

    Illya experiments with different styles and colours of matt cabinets to help make your dream kitchen a reality.

  • Easy Cleaning

    Kitchens get dirty, and even the smallest drop of water can leave marks behind. Cleaning is a routine chore, but matt eliminates the intense cleaning that other materials require. The one concern with matt is that it doesn’t conceal dust well.

    You'll need to wipe the surface down often, but you should never have to worry about water spots standing out.

    With a matt kitchen, you don't have to worry about fingerprints, which is great if you have small children that leave messes behind.

    Matt is a cabinet, door and countertop option that conceals but doesn’t prevent a kitchen from needing to be cleaned. You’ll still have to spend time cleaning these surfaces, but you can go a little longer between cleaning thanks to the natural concealing nature of matt.

  • Pairs Well with Other Styles

    Mixing and matching styles is almost taboo in some kitchen designs. Homeowners that do want to pair different materials together can add matt doors to the kitchen to help absorb the light while adding a new finish to the space.

    Hundreds of colour and pattern choices allow for a such kitchen to be classy and warm.

    Pairing matt with different styles can add to the beauty of a modern kitchen while also ensuring that two styles are never competing against each other for attention in the room.

    Matt is a strong choice for cabinets, but there is a concern when placing the material in smaller kitchens. Since ample light gives the impression of a space being larger than it is, adding matt has the opposite effect.

    If you’re using natural light to brighten a room and make it look bigger, matt is not a good option due to its light absorbing properties.

Why Buy a Matt Kitchen

These kitchens are growing in popularity due to their easy cleaning, almost zero chance of water spots and their ability to create texture. Homeowners that want a chic look will want to consider matt for their doors, cabinets, cupboards and even worktops.

The trend of such kitchens in the UK can increase home value and provide a long-lasting style that will look just as good today as it does in twenty years.

Matt will absorb light, keeping spaces perfectly lit without reflections or ease of noticing imperfections. Kitchens that are filled with gloss may benefit from matt doors or cabinets that helps absorb some light while allowing for a sleek, stunning look.

This material can add a touch of beauty to every kitchen – big and small.