High Gloss Kitchens

Are you considering a high gloss kitchen?  We offer a variety of colours and styles in high gloss finish to fit your budget and needs.

High gloss cabinets and drawers are the perfect fit for modern kitchens and homes. Gloss cabinets feature clean lines and minimal (if any) ornamentation to eliminate visual clutter.  They are also very easy to clean and are perfect for smaller kitchen spaces as they reflect light & make the kitchen appear visually larger.

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Design Features of the High Gloss German Kitchen

Just as its name suggests, these kitchens have a glossy or shiny finish. High-shine cabinets are typically made of acrylic, but other material options are also available.

One of the most obvious features of super gloss kitchens is their striking appearance. The shine adds drama and a touch of elegance to the space.

The reflecting light opens up the space and complements many backsplash styles. High gloss cabinets and drawers are available in a variety of colours and styles, and they work especially well with the handleless style.

Advantages of the High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets at Illya Kitchens

There are many advantages to choosing high gloss fitted kitchens from Illya Kitchens, including:

  1. Contemporary Style

    High gloss cabinets have a contemporary style with clean horizontal lines. They work best in modern homes and are especially beautiful in handless kitchens.

    Traditionally, these cabinets are made from acrylic, a durable synthetic plastic that’s used as a glass alternative. This material complements the modern home style, particularly if you have acrylic dining furniture.

  2. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

    A kitchen cabinet high gloss finish is easy to clean and maintain. The acrylic material is shatter-resistant, and it won’t easily stain, chip or crack. Clean-up is as easy as wiping down doors and drawers.

    Unlike their traditional wood counterparts, high gloss cabinets won’t absorb oils and liquids. This makes it easy to maintain a clean kitchen and makes the space more hygienic. While certain cleaning products should be avoided, like bleach, high gloss cabinets are generally easy to keep clean.

  3. It Makes the Kitchen Feel Larger

    The high gloss style is often a great choice for smaller kitchens. The glossy surface reflects light, making the space feel bigger and more open.

    White glass cabinets can be especially effective at making a small kitchen look bigger.

    If your kitchen has limited natural light, the shiny finish will reflect any available light to brighten up the room.

  1. Naturally Waterproof

    High gloss cabinets are naturally waterproof and do not require any special sealing or treatments. This adds to the durability of these cabinets and makes them even easier to maintain.

  2. Versatility

    Illya Kitchens offer high gloss cabinets in a wide range of colours, so you’re sure to find one that matches your personal taste and vision for your new kitchen. Light and neutral tones are always a great option, but you can find these cabinets in bold colours as well.

    Choosing a bold colour for your kitchen island or wall cabinets will make a statement.

  3. An Affordable Style

    The high gloss style is very popular in the UK. High demand has allowed Illya Kitchens to offer cost effective options to homeowners.

How to Buy High Gloss Kitchens with German Quality

If you want the best high gloss kitchen in the UK, your best bet is to look for experienced high gloss cabinets suppliers, like Illya Kitchens.

Illya offers excellent prices for gloss cabinets as well as many design options to bring your dream kitchen to life. They specialise in German kitchens, which allows them to provide high-quality units that will last for decades to come.

High gloss is a classic choice for modern kitchens in the UK. They add drama and make a statement while offering exceptional durability and easy maintenance. With a variety of styles and colours to choose from, Illya Kitchens is your best option for a high gloss kitchen with German quality.