Grey kitchens in the UK

We have noticed a rise in popularity of grey kitchens since 2012.  A decade ago, German kitchen manufacturers were slightly weary producing grey kitchens, however as market demand rose, so did the amount of shades and styles of grey.  We can now offer light grey kitchens, dark grey kitchens, and everything in between.  Grey kitchens are available in modern, contemporary, and shaker styles depending on your preference.  We would like to invite you to visit our Marble Arch or Reading showroom to discover the full range of grey kitchens available.  Our expert kitchen designers will be happy to help you design your dream grey kitchen.

Planning a grey kitchen

General sentiment has always been that grey is a dull unpopular colour to use in the kitchen area.  This is no longer the case - as kitchen manufacturers have started to produce more grey colours, kitchen designers were able to utilise their creativity to add bold colours.  We find that eye striking glass splash backs and marble effect worktops are able to turn a simple grey kitchen into a work of art.  We will always accommodate your tastes and preferences when designing your grey kitchen.  Our designers will advise what will work best in your scenario - be it bronze taps and accessories, or stainless steel handless recess channels.  Our intelligent lighting systems can strike beautiful projections to ensure that your grey kitchen is fully appreciated regardless of the palette which you decide to go for.

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