Blue kitchens

Blue is a majestic colour which works great in the kitchen area.  At Illya Kitchens, we are able to offer various shades of blue - from dark navy blue to forget me not sky blue kitchen cabinets.  If we consider the psychology of the blue colour then we can discover that it is many people's favourite , however it is mostly preferred by men.  Blue is calming, sincere, and also proven to make you more productive - useful if you are a procrastinating chef, or if your children often do homework in the kitchen.  We invite you to our Marble Arch or Reading showroom to discover the blue kitchens, and let our expert designers plan your dream kitchen.

Discover blue kitchens...

3 Simple Steps for Your Free Kitchen Design

Book your free consultation

Simply fill out the form below and we will get in touch to arrange a FREE consultation at a date/time convenient for you.  The consultation usually takes 1 hour.

Discuss your ideas

Our designer will have an in-depth discussion with you to understand your requirements while listening to your ideas and suggesting their own to design your dream kitchen.

Design and quote presentation

Based on the information gathered during your consultation our designer will create a photo-realistic design of your kitchen and a quotation ready to present to you.

Planning a blue kitchen

Whether you want to bring the sky or the ocean into your kitchen - it's all possible with our kitchen designers.  We will show you the different hues and shades of blue available, and then we will be looking to create a full colour palette based on your choice.  A blue kitchen can be complimented splendidly by a well matched quartz worktop, and contrasting accessories.  If you are not confident to have your whole kitchen in blue, we will also be able to advise which other colours we can incorporate into your design for a harmonious look.  Whether it's modern, contemporary, or traditional - our designers are happy to show you how your dream blue kitchen will look in your home using our state of the art 3D CAD kitchen planning software.