Hi all!  In the last post I wrote about corner kitchen cabinets, this week I wanted to talk about the available options for tall cabinets.

Let’s start with the basics and discuss the measurements which are available:

Width dimensions can be: 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, and 600mm.

Height dimensions can be (without legs): 132.2cm, 149.8cm, 163.2cm, 190cm, 203.5cm, and 219.1cm.

The size used will depend on how much storage you require, the style of your kitchen, ceiling height, and the availability of space in your kitchen.

There are tall cabinets which house appliances, eg you can have an integrated oven/microwave/coffee machine or a warming draw in them.  This is particularly useful in a modern kitchen design as your appliances are pretty much on eye level and you do not have to strain your back to bend down to operate them.  This also gives your kitchen a clean look as the appliance is integrated.  Depending on the appliance configuration and how many appliances are in the tall cabinets you will also have storage at your disposal.  For example if you have 1 oven in the middle, you can opt to go for a deep draw underneath and a simple hinged door above.

Pantry cabinets are very useful, this is the cabinet where the whole door slides out and you can access the items which are stores from both sides, these cabinets are engineered to withstand big weights and are usually 450 or 500mm wide.

You can also have tall cabinets which have 2 doors 1 bigger 1 smaller, behind these doors are open top drawers, these are great for storing items such as pasta, rice, bean cans, sauce bottles, and other items which you need access to while cooking.

There are also options such as a broom cupboard where you can store your household chore items such as ironing board, mopping broom, it even has hooks for your cooking apron.

By combining a number of these different options in your kitchen, the kitchen designer will aim to maximise the storage in your kitchen area.  You can see the gallery below to view some of the available tall cabinets.

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