Storage is essential to keeping a kitchen organised and functional, especially if you have a small kitchen. If you’re planning your dream kitchen, you may be looking for kitchen storage ideas to make your space as beautiful and functional as possible.

Kitchen Storage Ideas and Tips

Whether you’re in the UK or across the world, you know that kitchen storage space comes at a premium. You have to get creative with your layout and components to make sure you have enough space to store all of your equipment and accessories.

Here are some tips and ideas for inspiration.

Corner Storage

Corners are one of the most overlooked areas of kitchen storage design, but with the right solution, you can utilise this space.

Adding smart corner cabinet units can help provide more space for items such as bean cans, crisps, jars, rice and spaghetti packets.

Corner cabinets can have turntables and pull-out storage such as our popular Le Mans to allow you to make the most of this storage area.
If you have an open corner, you can install a freestanding corner cupboard. These look great in farmhouse style kitchens, but they can also work in modern spaces if you go with a shaker style.

These cupboards can provide vital storage space for your essentials.

Drawer Storage

When planning your kitchen storage layout, don’t forget to incorporate your drawers into the design. Drawer organisation can help you maximise your space by making sure everything is conveniently and easily within reach.

Use inserts to keep your cutlery organised, store your spices and keep your larger utensils easily accessible. Drawers can even be used to store your food storage containers and small gizmos that would otherwise take up counter space.

Deep drawers can even be used for storing dishware, spices or even produce, like potatoes and onions.

Drawers are a great way to store items that you’ll use regularly, so make sure to incorporate ample space for them in your design.

Wall Storage

When you run out of cupboard and drawer space, wall storage can help keep everything in order. From cups to utensils and accessories, there’s a storage solution for every need.

Wall storage can include:

  • Shelves for storing mugs, tea or small pots
  • Special cabinets for wine glasses and mugs
  • Feature items placed in glass door back-lit cabinets

There are many kitchen wall storage ideas that can help you make the most use out of this area of your kitchen.

Another option is to install open shelves, which are ideal for both modern and farmhouse style kitchens. Make sure that you have adequate wall space for this option. Otherwise, your kitchen could wind up looking cluttered.

Kitchen Island

If you’re looking for ideas to store kitchen appliances, a kitchen island is a good option. An island can serve many purposes by adding storage space, room for appliances and worktop for prepping.

A hob can easily be installed onto an island as well as a sink. This will provide you with more space for cupboards and drawers that can store pots, pans and other cooking equipment.

Islands can also have their own drawers and cupboards. Some have end shelves for storing items.

Bar stools can be added to allow you to eat at the island as well if worktop overhang is utilised. Islands are a great addition to any kitchen, and they can double as your dining table or workstation if space permits you to do this.

Storage is essential to keeping your kitchen organised and functional. The right storage solutions allow you to maximise worktop space to allow for a clean, open kitchen. Contact our designers to discuss how we can help you maximise storage space in your kitchen.