Hello ladies and gents, welcome to another article from Illya Kitchens…helping you every step of the way on your path to your dream kitchen.

Here, I wanted to talk to you about the importance of lighting in the kitchen area.  Ceiling lights should no longer be your main lighting source, instead a kitchen should have lights to help you in the days to day tasks, and to bring out the best aesthetics.

A few years ago, a ceiling light(s) was all that we had in the kitchen, now we recommend using spot LED lights in the kitchen ceiling for the main lighting, but only use them where they will bring the maximum effect such as above the dining area or the worktop.  LED lights will cost you slightly dearer to purchase than their halogen counterparts, but will last longer and are more energy efficient.  You can also purchase them in different colours such as warm white and cool white.

In my opinion EVERY kitchen should have under unit lights (I am talking wall cabinets) – this task lighting is crucial for providing the necessary illumination during food preparation on the work surface.  Gone are the days of the bulky halogen under cabinet lights that stick out like a sore thumb and spoil the look of your kitchen, you can now install ultra thin LED strips which are almost invisible, but still pack a punch with over a dozen small powerful LEDs installed. The same as with the ceiling lights – these you can get in different colours – white, cool white, and warm white.

Plinth lights for base cabinets are seldom popular, but everyone has different tastes therefore it’s only right for me to mention them.  Plinth lights most often come in 2 variations –  £2 coin sized circular units with built in LEDs which you can have in any colour, or a very thin flexible strip of LED which are neatly installed right at the top of the plinth and illuminate downward.  The former option is a very smart option to give your island a “floating” effect – especially when used with a mirror effect plinth.

If you have a feature cabinet in the kitchen where you display beautiful plates, or anything else you should consider having a light inside this cabinet, it will give your kitchen a subtle “wow” effect.

You can also use mood lighting – thin LED strips can be installed on top of your tall/wall cabinets  which can be controlled by remote and you can change colours from white to red to green, and so on, you can also set the colour to fade/flash/strobe or whatever you want – especially cool for parties!

As you can already appreciate, lighting plays a crucial part in the kitchen both from functionality and aesthetic point of views – imagine coming into the kitchen in the middle of the night for a drink of water, turning the main light on would burn your eyes, but flicking on the under unit lights will be soft enough for the eyes and will give you plenty of illumination.   Alternative situation is – you are helping your kids do homework while they are sitting at the kitchen island, and you’re cooking.  Instead of using the ceiling lights you can use the pendant light above your island. Plan the lighting well and your kitchen will look nicer, and a lot more user friendly!

Have I missed something?  If you have any questions please ping me an e-mail on [email protected] or call 0203 544 4281.