Hello hello hello, another post for you all to enjoy – I want to walk you guys and girls through the installation process for your German kitchen so you know what to expect when the big day comes!

So… you spent many hours with your designer to ensure you achieve your dream kitchen, you have paid your deposit, and you now know the delivery date – exciting!  A German kitchen takes on average 5-8 weeks to be delivered to your property from the point of order.  What should you do in that time?  Prepare!  Seldom is a room perfectly ready for installation therefore you need to ensure that it will be 100% prepared for the delivery date.  What do I mean by prepare? I mean you need to ensure that all the building works are taken care off, such as plastering, painting, tiling, removal of the old kitchen, and of course the preparation of water/waste/electrical points to the correct positions for your new kitchen – perhaps not all of these will be applicable in your situation, but hopefully you understand the point I am trying to convey.

You get an e-mail and a phone call to remind you that your delivery is next week, what next?  Ensure that you arrange parking for the fitter’s van, you clear the space and any obstructions for the delivery to take place, and someone is home to ensure you tick off all the items from the order list as they are unloaded, as well as go over them to check for any signs of damage.

Usually kitchen installation begins on the same day as delivery, you should be introduced to the kitchen fitters, these people should be professionals with many years of experience as kitchen fitting is an art, and your beautiful kitchen can be spoiled by incompetent cowboy fitters.  The cabinets arrive pre-assembled, however the kitchen fitters sometimes have to make slight adjustments to the cabinets using special tools to ensure everything fits as it should do.  In practise the installation of the cabinets usually takes around 3-5 full working days, however keep in mind that if you are having a stone worktop fitted (marble, quartz, granite, etc) this will take longer.  This is because as soon as your base cabinets are installed the kitchen fitters will liaise with the stone company (if not part of your kitchen company) to arrange templating,  once  the stone worktop template has been taken by a specialist who will visit you then it will take a further 7-10 to cut/polish/install your worktop.  It is very important that you hire experienced tradesmen to connect your utilities (if your kitchen is on a dry installation basis, more on this below) – only Gas Safe registered plumbers should work on your gas hob connection, and only registered electricians should be connecting your electrical appliances.  Where applicable you should receive a certificate at the completion of these works which you can safely store and present to an insurance company in an unfortunate even that a claim should ever arise in the future.  You need not be present during the installation process 24/7, however you do need to be reachable by the fitters or your project manager, ideally by telephone in case any questions should arise.  Once your kitchen installation is completed you will be asked to make the final checks together with the fitting manager.

Before I move on to the checks, as promised I would like to clarify what Dry Fit means.  Dry fit in a kitchen is when the kitchen fitters will arrive to a prepared room, with the old kitchen removed, tiling, plastering, painting, etc finished, and with all power, waste, and gas points in the correct positions prepared prior to installation.  The kitchen fitters will then install the kitchen cabinets as per the floor plan and will install the appliances including sink & tap, but WILL NOT connect them to the utilities – this will be the responsibility of the Client’s own tradesmen.  A full installation is exactly the same, but the fitters will bring in professional tradesmen from Gas Safe and NICEIC to connect the appliances as well – please check your Contract to avoid confusion.

Your brand new shiny dream German kitchen is installed.  Do not rush to start using it straight away – let’s make a few final checks:

  • Has the plastic protection film been removed from all cabinets and side panels?  Is there any visible damage on the doors?
  • Are all the doors opening smoothly and closing softly?  This includes drawers which need to be sliding in and out silently and closing with a soft “click”.
  • Are the wall cabinets and tall cabinets securely attached to the walls?
  • Are the wall cabinets, tall cabinets, and base cabinets straight and level?  You can use a level to check this.
  • Are all appliances working correctly as the should be?
  • Are there any visible leaks underneath your sink?

These checks should take 30 minutes maximum, and will be noted down by your fitters.   Once your are completely satisfied that everything is as it should be, you can sign off the works and enjoy your new kitchen!

Have I left anything out?  Do you have any questions?  Feel free to call me on 0203 544 4281 or e-mail me on [email protected]