Black is beautiful.

Have you ever noticed the aura which the colour black carries with it?  Undeniably it is the power of luxury, elegance, and sophistication.  So why then have we for decades overlooked this colour for our most important room in the house – the kitchen.  Think of the super imposing black Rolls Royce Wraith, or that luxury hotel restaurant with the gloss black grand piano, how about Leonardo Dicaprio at the Oscars in that black tuxedo?

It is then no wonder that interior designers are starting to increasingly use the darker pallete for room designs, and the kitchen is no exception.  It is no surprise then that grey was voted as the most popular colour for the kitchen in 2018.

But my designer told me that dark colours make the kitchen look smaller…

This is true…partly, and any designer worth his salt should know this.  We have moved away from the restrictions of colours due to room size constraints because the lighting industry has kept up and made it possible to have even a small room with a fully black kitchen.  All you need to do is use smart lighting and contrasts.

Lighting and contrasts you say…

Yep, exactly that.  The only disadvantage of having a dark kitchen was that it would make the room look smaller, but that needn’t be the case any longer when you can incorporate indirect lighting, under unit lights, and bright spot lights into the kitchen area.  The lighting itself might not be enough, this is where a bit of creativity comes into play.  Think about the stainless steel contrasts that you can play with to achieve a contemporary industrial look – there is no point in going for all black appliances when you can go for subtle stainless steel or brushed steel finish, think of a black oven but with a steel handle, a stainless steel sink and tap, a tambour unit with steel shutters and a concrete effect worktop.  There you have a beautiful contemporary industrial kitchen, or you can opt for bronze/silver handles and elements placed around the kitchen including fitting decorations if you wish to have a note of extravagance.  Do not forget that your glass splash back behind the worktop will also make a massive difference to how your dark kitchen looks – go for a bright colour such as champagne gold with the tiniest hint of glitter, or an acid green if you really wish to make a bold statement.  It is without a doubt that to achieve the very best effect from dark kitchens preferably you would have a big room, however by smartly utilising lighting this should not restrict you even if you have a small kitchen in a flat.

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