When we start talking about the kitchen – we firstly need to establish and underline, and point out the fact that the kitchen is not what it used to be a decade ago.  The kitchen has become the king of the castle, the ace in the deck of cards, or to put very simply – the hub and the heart of the home.  Why?  Because you spend most of your time there!  It’s the most multifunctional room in the house.

The kitchen room in the 21st century has so many customisable components that it is relatively simple to achieve your desired look – whether it is warm country style or clinical and modern (not that the 2 can’t be mixed).

The first thing to consider is the layout of the kitchen area – is it a galley shape (straight run), L shape, or U shape? Will you make a bold statement by including an island?  What colour doors would you go for?  We find that our Clients love hand-less kitchens – the straight lines combined with pastel tones result in ultra modern kitchen design, on the other side of the spectrum – a real wooden shaker kitchen paired with a granite worktop will never fail to create a warm atmosphere.  It is always a good idea to use an island in your kitchen if you have enough space.  Firstly because the island offers extra storage and seating space, and secondly because you can design it in different colours to the rest of the kitchen, incorporating some clever tricks to achieve different effects.

What material will be the floor in your kitchen?  Tiles are always the more popular option due to the aesthetic qualities, but also due to the ease of maintenance and hardiness of the material.  Wood can also be used, but this is material is always suited better for country style cottage kitchens, and is a lot more difficult to look after.  If you have a small kitchen – consider using 60x60cm light coloured tiles, paired with high gloss kitchen doors, this will make your kitchen look and feel considerably bigger than it really is.

The colour and the finish of the doors is also crucial to achieving the perfect finish – while gloss doors look very modern and attractive they should be avoided if you have little ones or do a lot of cooking – due to the ease of fingerprint marking.  Lacquer Matt doors might not have the same shiny look as gloss, but these tend to be more practical and timeless.  Don’t be afraid to be bold and you will be rewarded!  Some people tend to play it safe with the colours and stick to neutral pastels, while this might be a wise option – remember this is a 2 edged sword.  If you play it too safe, you will end up getting bored of the kitchen and wishing you opted for something more bright, however if you go over the top (think all kitchen in maroon red – we’ve seen it happen!), you might end up regretting for not going for softer colour.  If you are not sure, you can always mix it up – for example you can have a cashmere lacquer matt base cabinets, and satin gloss wall cabinets.

Do you know what really helps to set the atmosphere in your kitchen?  The glass splash back – this is the piece(s) of toughened glass that go in the area between your wall cabinets and worktop to protect the walls from the elements and effects of everyday cooking – so why not make it pretty at the same time as useful?  Glass splash backs can be manufactured in absolutely any colour that you can imagine, this is especially useful if you opt for all white doors, you can go for an aubergine, lime, or even orange colour to add some mood to your kitchen.

Don’t forget the importance of appliances in your kitchen, and in this particular blog post I do not mean for cooking!  I am talking about the aesthetics of your appliances in your kitchen,  with so many different options on the market, there are now more colours and finishes than ever to choose from.  While steel and black remain the most popular, you can find ovens, fridge freezers, and microwaves in many other hues.  While functionality and reliability should always remain the priority when choosing appliances – do consider how your appliances will look in your kitchen.

Finally, I would like to say – do not underestimate the accessories.  The lighting pendants above the island,  the shape and colour of the sink and taps, the chairs at the breakfast bar, the clock that you put on the wall – all of the finer details add up to the final design, why not get in touch with us today to discuss your kitchen design and let us help you with decorating your kitchen!