How much does a German kitchen cost?

German kitchen prices for our kitchens vary from mid-priced options to expensive, high-end kitchens. Typically, our kitchens start at £15,000 and go up to £50,000. When you come to us for a quote, we’ll ask you a series of questions to determine your lifestyle, and we will provide insight into pricing based on your answers.

As luxury German kitchen specialists our pricing reflects the premium products which we provide, as well as our outstanding customer service.

Pricing Examples

£24,500 + VAT

Systemat AV2035

Front: Satin Lacquer. Worktop: Calacatta Gold Quartz.
Appliances: Miele – gas hob, extractor, oven, combi oven, warming drawer, dish washer, microwave, fridge freezer, Franke sink, Quooker Fusion tap.
Dry installation.

£17,500 + VAT

Classic Malaga

Front: Satin Shaker
Worktop: Ice Branco Quartz.
Appliances: Neff – oven, combi oven, fridge freezer, induction hob, Franke sink & tap.
Dry installation.

£27,500 + VAT

Systemat AV8000

Front: Island is 3mm Ceramic Calacatta, tall units are satin lacquer.
Worktop: Calacatta Quartz.
Appliances: Miele – gas hob, oven, steam oven, microwave, dishwasher, Siemens fridge, Siemens freezer, Elica extractor, Franke sink, Quooker Fusion Tap.
Dry installation.

£23,000 + VAT

Systemat AV6000

Front: Lacquer.
Worktop & Splashback: Quartz.
Appliances: Neff – fridge freezer, gas hob, extractor, dishwasher, oven, combi oven, warming drawer, Essentials wine cooker, Franke sink & tap. 
Dry installation.

Have a quote already and would like us to beat it?

Do you have a quote for the cost of a new kitchen in London? We can beat it. Call us today at 0203 544 4281 to discuss your kitchen and to learn how we’ll beat the quote on the price of a new kitchen in the UK from our competitors.

How our prices are calculated

What are the costs when you buy a kitchen in London? There are four main costs associated with the process that every potential buyer needs to consider.

You'll find prices for German kitchens can range from £15,000 and go up all the way past the £100,000 mark for top of the range cabinets, appliances, and worktops. In order to calculate the price, we take these cost factors into consideration: The average price of a German kitchen in London is £27,500 + VAT this includes cabinets, appliances, worktops, and installation.

Costs can be broken down into:


The average kitchen cabinets prices are between £3,000 and £25,000 (depending on your choice of cabinets, and the size of your kitchen).


The appliances chosen can range from £5,000 to £50,000 (depending on makes/models).


Depending on the size and worktop material, a worktop can cost between £2,500 and £10,000.


Expert installations are between £2,000 and £4,000 (this depends on the size of the kitchen, and whether it is a dry fit or a full fit).

You also need to consider that your existing kitchen & appliances will have to be removed and disposed of (where applicable), and your kitchen area might need preparations such as power/waste/water relocations prior to installation of the new kitchen (where applicable).

Additional factors that go into your kitchen’s pricing are:

With over a decade worth of experience, we can bring your kitchen to life while staying on budget.

Set a clear budget

What is your budget? We’ve seen that the cost of a new kitchen in London has four main variables outlined in the previous section. Determine what you can realistically spend on your kitchen and what you need.

We can help you ensure that you do not overspend by understanding your lifestyle in order to design the most ergonomic kitchen. For example – a lot of appliances come with features which you will never use, but will have to pay a premium for. We will look to understand what is most important to you so you do not overspend on any aspect of your kitchen.

A clear budget will help you when it comes to the next step in the process. When you have a clear budget, our team is better able to assist you by finding German kitchen prices that fit into your price range. Please note – we are unable to start the design process until we establish your budget.

Research shows that you’ll need to invest up to 6% of your property’s value for a kitchen renovation. This is backed by a NationWide study that a bespoke kitchen can add up to 6% to your property value. If you’re 100% honest when telling your kitchen designer about your budget, you’ll be better served and be able to have a kitchen built that meets all of your design needs.

We will take care of your new kitchen

At Illya Kitchens, we take care of the entire kitchen process for you. The process starts with a simple call or quote. One of our expert kitchen designers will discuss your options with you and determine the average price of a new kitchen based on your budget.

We’ll help determine the costs of your cabinets, appliances, and worktops, and we will dispatch our team of expert designers to your home to start the discussion Alternatively you can arrange a virtual consultation or visit our showrooms.

Why should I pay more for a German kitchen?

A German kitchen may cost more, but there’s a good reason why. New kitchen prices have a lot of factors that are considered, yet the price is also reflective of quality. German kitchen prices may be higher because they offer:

  • 5 year warranty with a flowless logistic chain and support channels.
  • State of the art features backed by decades of innovation.
  • Modern, smart designs of all sizes to meet the needs of consumers.
  • Industry leading quality with rigorous quality assurance certifications and quality testing facilities.
  • German kitchens are sold by independents retailers meaning you will get a very personal experience, and a kitchen tailored bespoke to your lifestyle.

German kitchens are anything but average.. In Germany where it is more popular to rent than to purchase a property, a kitchen will be taken on average to 5 different properties throughout it’s lifetime (in Germany all rental properties are completely unfurnished). This proves how rigid German kitchens have to be built to withstand so much stress. You may pay more for German quality, but these kitchens will last longer than the competition.