If you are shopping for a kitchen but confused with the prices, this article should be able to give  you some insight into what you should be expecting to pay:

The average cost of a kitchen, typically speaking is like asking how long is a piece of string. On two different ends of the spectrum – you can buy a flat pack budget kitchen for £2,500, or you can buy a top of the range premium German kitchen for £50,000. Seeing as we specialise in mid-market German kitchens we will be basing our examples on such.

There are a few things that affect kitchen cost:

  1. Kitchen cabinets can cost from £3,000 – £25,000+
  2. Appliances can cost £5,000 – £50,000+
  3. Kitchen Worktop can cost £2,500 – £10,000
  4. Kitchen installation can cost £2,000 – £4,000

We break down the list in more detail below.


Firstly, let’s address the price of the units. If you were to buy a budget flat pack kitchen you would be looking to spend on average £3,000, for mid-market German the price goes up to about £7,500 and rockets up to past the £25,000 mark for a German premium brand (these prices do not include fitting).


If you are spending £ thousands on your new kitchen, needless to say you will want new functional appliances with the latest technologies to be installed – we do not recommend buying a new kitchen and keeping your old appliances, you wouldn’t buy a new car and keep the seats or the stereo from the old one. Most kitchens need a dishwasher, washing machine, hob, oven and cooker hood as bare minimum. The price of these cannot be guessed accurately as it will depend on the brand which you are selecting. We offer our customers discounts on appliances packages when they purchase their kitchen from us, that way they save money and we take care of the appliance ordering and installation process. You can also have ‘extra’ appliances such as wine coolers, coffee machines, warming draws, boiling water taps etc which makes it very hard to predict a price – no customer is the same and we do our best to cater to your budget.


Gone are the days when your only choice of worktop is laminate (which the kitchen fitter would hate installing due to the poor quality of the materials in the past). The modern German laminate worktop is very sturdy and available in many colours to compliment your kitchen, this option would be the most cost effective for most people, however the modern age now allows for granite, steel, glass, quartz and Corian worktops to be installed. Natural or man made stones such as quartz and granite transform your kitchen completely and give it that “wow” factor but you can expect to pay up to £5,000 extra for such luxury depending on your kitchen size.


Your old kitchen will have to be removed and disposed of, which can take up to 1 day of a fitter’s time. The old kitchen will be put in a skip, with some appliances such as the fridge freezer needing to be recycled (sometimes this can be done free of charged by your local council). You will most likely want to skim you ceiling and plaster your walls, perhaps also tile or laminate the flooring – these can add up to an extra amount which you might not have budgeted for in the first place.


It is most likely that your existing electrical circuit in the kitchen area will need altering to accommodate the new kitchen – power points may need relocating, new power points may need to be created, new wires prepared for your ceiling spot lights etc. You also need to consider that any electrical installation over 3 years old might require a new RCD protected consumer unit as per the new NICEIC regulations – changing this is around £500.


Fitting a kitchen can cost anywhere from 50% of the price of a flat pack kitchen to about 20% on a German kitchen. Good news for you is that fitting is something we do not charge for – we strongly believe that a beautiful German kitchen can be spoiled by an incompetent fitter hence we make sure we fit all our kitchens using our own highly trained fitters.

Has this article left you any wiser as to what you will be expecting to pay for a kitchen? Probably not, but hopefully it has given you some insight into areas which you most likely haven’t considered.

We are a one stop kitchen shop, meaning we undertake the design, supply and installation of your German kitchen BUT also we do all the building works eg electrics, plumbing, tiling, decorating while the majority of the kitchen companies’ responsibilities end at the fitting stage.

It is easier to hire one company that takes responsibility for the kitchen room, from the floor to the ceiling.

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