Are you as big of a tea fan as I am?  To be honest, I am more of a coffee person, but that doesn’t make a difference for the sake of this post.

Have you heard about a thing called a boiling water tap?  If you haven’t I’ll give you a brief explanation – it is a tap usually separate from your normal sink tap, that has a sole purpose of providing hot or boiling water instantly.  The faucet sits above the worktop, and below the worktop there is vacuum sealed, insulated water tank.  Rather than boiling a kettle and having to wait 2-6 minutes, refilling the kettle etc, you can have the boiling water on tap.

What are the plus points of having one?  Firstly – you’d be saving energy because when you boil a kettle the heat is dispersed through the kettle body, and water evaporation.  This means that you would be saving money on energy, numerous studies have shown that making a cuppa using a hot water tap is cheaper than making a cuppa using a kettle.  The difference is minimal, however there is still a saving.  Secondly, you would save space on your worktop by not having a kettle, and finally you wouldn’t have to wait each time for the kettle to boil.

What are the negatives?  I think it is just the initial cost, for a hot/boiling water tap you would expect to pay a minimum of £1,000 – depending on the spec you go for and the size of the water tank.

Should you get one?  If you have been using a kettle your whole life, and are happy to continue doing so, then the answer is a simple no.  However, if you are happy to pay the £1k + mark to resolve the issues which I have listed above, then you should definitely consider it.

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