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We wanted to dedicate this article to Hacker Kitchens UK, Hacker Kitchens London, AND OF COURSE HACKER KITCHENS GERMANY.


This article has been guest written for us by our family member in Germany – Hannes Bosak. I (the author of this article), have grown up on Hacker German kitchens – if you watched any of Illya’s YouTube videos you would know that they have family in Germany who for more than two decades have been selling Hacker kitchens to the German market, and Hacker kitchens is a name which brings a really warm feeling to my stomach.  It is certainly a huge relief to know that Hacker Kitchens have also branched out to Great Britain, and are now extremely popular in London.


I am honoured to pay homage to this magnificent brand of kitchens and would like to share their history with you.  Hacker Kitchens, or Hacker Kitchens GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Hermann Hacker in Rodinghausen which is in North Rhine-Westphalia in 1898.  Originally Hacker was a carpentry, and in 1938 the management was passed down to Friedrich Hacker.  The company carried on being a carpentry until 1965, when it was taken over by the Finkemeier family (the present day owners).  Seven years later Hacker Kitchens started producing iconic German kitchens.  2001 saw the opening of Panorama building for administration purposes.  When Klostermann Kitchens – the neighbouring manufacturer filed for insolvency at the end of 2012, Hacker Kitchens bought some of their building and converted them to be part of their factory.  In 2016 Hacker kitchens have been awarded the gold seal of Customer Favourite 2016 by Focus Money and Deutschland Test.  This seal iterated that Hacker Kitchens was the best in price, service, quality, and reputation.   With such long and rich history, it is then no wonder that Hacker kitchens employs over 1,700 people, exports to over 50 countries, and had 602 million euros in sales at the end of 2018.  Hacker kitchens is also the sponsor of the local football club – SV Rodinghausen, the stadium even bears Hacker Kitchen’s name – Hacker-Wiehenstadion. 



Hacker Kitchens has two product lines – the entry level Classic catalogue, and the luxury Systemat catalogue.  The remarkable thing to point out, is that although  there is a price difference between the kitchens from these 2 catalogues, the main thing is that both catalogues have the same quality control processes in place.  So what pushes Systemat to a higher price peak than it’s brother Classic?  The wall cabinets are slightly deeper in Systemat, and the base cabinets are slightly higher (although the working surface height is still the same due to the legs and plinths being shorter in Systemat than they are in Classic – 10mm and 15mm respectively.  Although both are still adjustable.  This means that you can expect more storage from your kitchen.  Hacker kitchens Systemat range also offers awesome colours and materials such as real marble and meteorite stone, which are not available in the Hacker kitchens Classic catalogue.  The runners, hinges and other components are made from the same materials, as quality is of paramount important to this manufacturer.  Hacker kitchens charges more for a Systemat kitchen than a Classic kitchen because more materials go into producing the former.


Both of the Hacker kitchens catalogues offer kitchen styles to suit all tastes – from white gloss, to navy matt, shaker, contemporary, cottage style, real stone door fronts – if you can imagine it – Hacker kitchens has it.  Every Hacker kitchen is built to measure for each client.  The kitchens are not flat packed and are not stored in warehouses.  Each order is robotically produced in a state of the art factory, and quality checked before being sent out.  There are plenty of Hacker Kitchens London showrooms, each with their own mark up and story, and we strongly recommend you visit a few to get an idea on the services they offer and how they can help you bring your dream Hacker kitchen design to reality.


Hacker kitchens can also be purchased under the Elementa brand, especially if you are in Germany – this is sold by the MHK purchasing group, and is the same product, but with different packaging due to copyright and trademark protection.


Hacker kitchens is one of the best-known German kitchen manufacturers in the world, producing stunning well-built kitchens for over 5 decades, forever expanding their expertise, and bringing latest innovations to the market.  Talking about innovations – did you know that recently Hacker kitchens has released a new fingerprint proof covering for it’s kitchen doors?  Well that certainly makes life easier if you like cooking but don’t like cleaning! 


If you are in a market for a German kitchen, we definitely recommend visiting a few Hacker/Elementa kitchen showrooms, and speaking to their kitchen specialists.  We are sure you will be wowed and amazed by the quality of the product, and the expertise of people who sell Hacker kitchens.  Hacker supplies all of it’s kitchens with a 5 year warranty, giving you that extra peace of mind for your investment.  We wish Hacker, and the team at Hacker Kitchens London many more decades of success, growth, and innovations.



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