Classic collection

Absolutely the best mix of aesthetics and practicality.


In popular demand: the kitchen you can use on a daily basis.

Classic is our fun & vibrant kitchen.  The kitchen aimed at the first time buyers, young families, and those that would are price conscious, but still want a German product.  The classic  German kitchen is unique as it is stylish, with the many options and finishes available, this German kitchen range is a must have in your home.

Minimalistic design with mind blowing storage

At first glance, these matt aquamarine doors on the cabinets don't give away the true capacities of available storage.  LED lighting is used to illuminate the storage and shelving components, while he Terrazzo worktop adds the perfect finishing touch to this modern kitchen design.

Shockingly compelling functionality

Whether you are an aspiring or an accomplished chef, perhaps  you need a place to watch over your children while they do the homework & you prepare dinner. This is the new kitchen revolution.  The smart kitchen world with meticolously thought out details, lighting and materials to make your life just that little bit easier and enjoayble. 

Pleasantly attractive

The neutral colours in this modern grey kitchen will always be a timeless classic welcoming you home after a fulfilling day at work.  The open shelving present in this design gives you immediate access to the most frequently used items, while the warm wooden worktop finishes off this design and makes your kitchen the star of the house that will keep shining for many years.

Work from your kitchen

We live in unprecedented times, with COVID-19 taking it's toll, many of us will now be working form home.  Enter Meteor.  The grey steel range that can offer plenty of open and closed storage options.  Smartly integrated lighting will bring out more than just 50 shades of grey.  Move in hand with the times.  Explore the Meteor as a home working space that can be used in your kitchen. Who knows?  You might just re-invent yourself.

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.

Name us one thing that you'd rather do in the dark than in the light.  OK, maybe there is one thing that comes to mind, however we are sure it is not cooking.  Our superior engineered lighting systems will ensure that there is always adequate light no matter where you are and what you are doing in your kitchen.  Can we say - these lights will also make your kitchen the shining star of your home?

Back to the handless future - classicART

Handless kitchens are nothing new.  In fact, they were once very popular in the 1960s.  So why is it then that they are the first thing that comes to mind when we think of modern kitchen design in 2020?  As anyone in the fashion industry will tell you - tried and tested forgotten items will once again resurface as icons.  The handless kitchen attracts our eyes due to the seamless fronts without anything protruding such as conventional handles.  We offer two mechanisms for our handless kitchens.  You can opt for push to open doors, or sensomatic where the drawers and pull-outs can be opened with a light touch of a finger.

In the beginning it was all black and white

Black and white - the timeless elegance combination as confirmed by infamous fashion icon Coco Chanel.  This Toronto range handless kitchen will be an icon in it's own right.  With minimal lines and breaks in the design as well as the symmetry of all cabinets you can rest assured that this modern handless kitchen will radiate class for many decades to come.  Worry not, as important as aesthetics are to us, storage is never compromised.


German country style chic kitchen

This stunning light contemporary-chic kitchen features an island which can be used for chopping, cutting, and cooking your favourite dishes.  Black worktop creates a fine balanced line to the top of the kitchen cabinets breaking up the monotone white elements.  The open shelving elements blend perfect with the country-house style kitchen fronts.  Finally, the wooden worktop overhang offers a creative solution for you to have a quick breakfast when you're in a hurry or a refreshing drink in the summer.

Store more upwards

We have a wide range of tall cabinets available for you.  The internal drawers and adjustable hinges as well as shelves will allow you to customise them even further.  You can store your ironing board, hoover, and broom, just as you can store your tins, cans, and pasta packets.

Bring the countryside to the city

Our contemporary modern country kitchen range means you can now feel cosy in your city home just as you would in a country retreat. All thanks to warm pastel shades, decorated cornice profiles, and rustic handles 

Country look at its best

The Bristol kitchen with velvety blue fronts is a visual highlight - impressive because of the striking contrast of dark blue tones and light wood. The worktops in a beautiful oak wood shade invite nature into the room. The glazed fronts of the wall unit deliberately allow a glance into the interior of the cupboards. The pleasant effect of the light reflecting in the glass lends the kitchen an open and friendly atmosphere.