Having a utility room can be very beneficial in many ways.  Firstly, extra space is always welcome, a dedicated area where you can do your washing, ironing, and store cleaning products helps you to keep the kitchen clutter free and fully prepped for it’s most important purpose which is cooking!

Any kitchen designer worth his salt should be able to assist you with planning your utility room, however you can consider these 5 points below:

  1. Flooring

Make sure that the flooring in the utility room is either tiled or linoleum, avoid wood, as this is an area where a lot of moisture accumulates, and you need a material where you can just easily wipe away any water/spillage.

2. Plumbing and electrics

Most utility rooms are placed next to kitchens or bathrooms, this make it easy to bring out the correct pipes to the correct positions for your appliances such as tumble dryer and washing machine as you only have to plumb them into the next room.  Also, don’t forget the correct electrical positions for your appliances. For example try not to put the powerpoint behind the appliances as they might get in the way and appliances won’t sit flush, instead put them inside the wall of one of the cabinets next to the appliances.

3.  Appliances

Have a think about appliances which you need in the utility room, usually these consist of the washing machine and tumble dryer, the layout of these is equally important and can be configured in 2 ways.  You can either put them next to each other for a uniform look, or if you are short for storage space you can place on top of the other.

4.  Cabinets

Choose the correct cabinets while planning the utility room, have a think about what you plan to store in the utility room, and what will be the primary use.  For example if you plan to do ironing then ensure you speak to your kitchen designer about incorporating a special tall larder for ironing boards, in this cabinet you can also keep the mop and bucket.  We always recommend matt cabinet doors for the utility rooms as these are much easier to clean. Think also whether you will need a sink in your utility room and where you will keep all the detergents and cleaning products/cloths.

5. Lighting

The utility room is a room where you need to pay attention to detail.  Was that washing powder as good as they advertised on TV, and did it really wash out the spaghetti Bolognese stain from your kid’s school shirt?  There needs to be sufficient lighting in the room for you to see these things, also when you are ironing.  Consider installing LED spot lights which will offer plenty of light, but will also be energy efficient.

Above we listed just a few things which need to be considered when planning the utility, but if you have any other questions please speak to our kitchen designers on [email protected] and we will be happy to help!