I think this is going to be the hardest post I have written in 2017.  If you ask why – it is because I seldom know what to answer when a client asks me for colour advice.  Forget everything I’ve learnt over the years about how to choose different colours, and match them together to create a look which blends into harmony.  If a client wants red cabinets with a green splash back (I sh*t you not this has happened), then the client will get red cabinets and a green splash back – and no matter how much persuading I will attempt, once your mind is set it is set.

Regardless, let me take a rational approach and predict the colours which I think will dominate 2018.  According to the Deluxe website, the colour of 2017 was Denim Drift because:

It is truly adaptable, fitting into all life and interior styles, making it the perfect choice for reflecting our new perspective for 2017

As we only have 1.5 months left in 2017 I can reflect on all the kitchens we have installed, and the colours which our clients have chosen.  We have disbanded the opinion that a kitchen is just a place to cook in about 5 years ago.  The kitchen is a lot more, it is a sanctuary after  a long day at work with a glass of wine, it’s a place to unwind, entertain, do homework, party, relax, and of course prepare food.  Based on this, I think that neutral palettes will always dominate in the kitchen area.

Think about pale natural green and blue colours which set the mood in your kitchen, let them blend in with the rest of the room.  Do they compliment the colour of your cabinets and flooring?  Fear not that the room might look too boring – you always have the option of a stark colour for your glass splash back to accentuate the room’s character.  How about a neutral colour such as ‘Jasmine Shimmer’?   Your chosen paint is plays a massive role in the final look of your kitchen, especially if it is an open plan room where the same paint is used in the living room as is in the kitchen.

Here is my list of top 6 favourite colours for 2018:

  1. Sorbet.
  2. Apple white.
  3. Timeless.
  4. Blueberry white.
  5. Bone china.
  6. Jasmine shimmer.

Ultimately – the final decision will be up to you, however we recommend you get paint samples before settling on a choice.  Speak to your kitchen designer about his views on which paint will be best suited to your kitchen & lifestyle.

Have any questions?  E-mail me on [email protected] or call 0203 544 4281.